Trump tried to give Joe Biden the Hillary Clinton treatment -- and it fell totally flat: NYT's Haberman
Joe Biden, Donald Trump -- Facebook/AFP

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman on Friday said that President Donald Trump at Thursday night's debate tried to attack Democratic rival Joe Biden the same way he successfully attacked former rival Hillary Clinton four years ago.

However, Haberman said that Trump's attacks on his opponent this year haven't been as focused or as consistent as they were on Clinton, which she said has given Biden an edge heading into the final 11 days of the campaign.

"Assuming the polling is correct, it would suggest that he was the right man for this moment, because he's much harder to caricature," she said, noting that Biden's favorability numbers have gone up despite the president's attacks.

This stands in stark contrast to the 2016 election, when both Trump and Clinton notched high unfavorable numbers.

"The attacks that President Trump used against Hillary Clinton four years ago simply do not work the same way," she said. "And they don't work the same way during a pandemic."

Watch the video below.