‘Trump wasn’t even completing sentences’: Morning Joe stunned by president's debate ‘gobbledygook’
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough hammered President Donald Trump's performance in his last against Joe Biden.

The "Morning Joe" host conceded that Biden occasionally stumbled, but he said Trump fared poorly in the most basic ways.

"Donald Trump wasn't even completing sentences," Scarborough said. "I said both men seemed to be wrestling with the English language. Again, following up on a point that other people have made this morning, I don't know that Donald Trump's wasn't, his heart wasn't in it, but for a lot of the night he wasn't speaking in complete sentences. He was blurting out phrasing. His answer to the environmental question was just absolute gobbledygook."

"He wasn't finishing sentences, he wasn't finishing thoughts," Scarborough added. "There were stretches where Joe Biden was also struggling. I don't think last night was a great night for rhetoric in American politics, but it probably was a good enough night for Joe Biden, given the fact that some people are actually claiming Donald Trump won handily last night. That is a grading curve I wish I had had throughout high school, because I wouldn't have gotten as many D's in calculus and physics as I did."