Trump's campaign never bothered to contact Biden's campaign about COVID exposure
Donald Trump and Joe Biden appear at 2020 presidential debate (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump's campaign never contacted Democratic nominee Joe Biden's campaign to let them know that they might have been exposed to the novel coronavirus.

According to both PBS News' Yamiche Alcindor and CNN's Sarah Mucha, Biden's campaign only learned about the president's infection through news reports and was never informed by anyone on the Trump campaign about the president coming down with the disease.

This is significant because Biden and Trump were just feet apart during Tuesday night's presidential debate, which featured constant yelling and interrupting from the president.

Trump's infection has sparked concerns that he could have passed on the virus to the 78-year-old Biden, whom the president mocked for wearing a mask too often during the debate.

Biden is reportedly being tested for COVID-19 on Friday morning, and vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris has already announced that she has tested negative for the virus.