Trump's 'decimated" campaign staff 'has no clue' how to stop his re-election death-spiral: John Heilemann
Donald Trump (AFP : MANDEL NGAN)

Discussing new polling that shows Donald Trump falling behind in states that are normally Republican strongholds, "Morning Joe" regular John Heilemann said the president's campaign staff -- what is left of it -- has no idea how to stop the bleeding as they run out of cash.

Speaking with co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski, the political analyst explained he saw no path for Trump to get the 270 Electoral College votes he needs to remain in office.

"I happened to be in Arizona last week so we can talk more about that but on the two largest questions, first, what does the Trump campaign plan to do?" Heilemann asked. "They have no clue what they plan to do and part of the reason -- not part of the reason but the whole reason -- for this is you have a campaign that is almost as -- has been almost as decimated by COVID-19 as the White House has been, right?"

"So there's been, you know, this comprehensive meltdown as people learned that much of the senior leadership was infected with the coronavirus," he added. "You have [campaign manager] Bill Stepien infected. You have a campaign leadership that's been in just as much disarray in the last ten days and trying to figure out what Jonathan Lemire was talking about a couple of minutes ago: how to handle the fact that the president of the United States all last week was out of his right mind and was -- you know, we all observed the notion that the president every time we saw him in a video was clearly not -- even by Trump standards, was disassociative and he was taking high doses of steroids so he was not in his right mind."

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