Tucson mayor demands Trump pay his 2016 event rent bill before he returns with a super-spreader rally
AFP photo of Donald Trump.

Appearing on CNN on Monday morning Tucson Mayor Regina Romero said Donald Trump still owes her city payment covering security costs and rent from a previous visit to the city in 2016 and that he should pay up before holding a campaign rally that she said will likely cause the spread of COVID-19.

Speaking with host John Berman, the mayor explained that the city has been waiting on a check from the president or his campaign, and have been left holding the bag for rent, increased security and traffic control.

According to the mayor, a letter was sent to the president detailing conditions that need to be met before he appears there.

"We're asking the president that he please comply with CDC guidelines, that the city of Tucson has a mandatory mask ordinance, and that we ask him and his attendees to please comply with a mask and follow CDC guidelines," she explained. "We do not want to see a super-spreader event."

"And the other point of the letter was to really ask the Trump campaign to pay their previous bills," she added. "Back in 2016, he used the Tucson Convention Center and of course it is of utmost importance to us to protect the president of the United States of America in our city, but this is not an official campaign visit. So what we're asking is that he pay back the Tucson taxpayers for the investment in security and the usage of our convention center in 2016."

Asked if she had received any response from the White House, Romero replied, "We haven't heard back. We actually heard that they wanted to expand their rally and we're very concerned about it."

"They're saying they're expecting about 10,000 people, and at the beginning of their gathering, we had heard they wanted to have 5,000 people, so maybe my letter, you know, exacerbated their plans to make it bigger, but we are very concerned," she revealed.

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