The New Yorker lampoons Republicans who are turning on Trump
Rick Wilson (screengrab)

Writing in the New Yorker this Thursday, Mike Gillis took a satirical swipe at anti-Trump PACs formed by career Republicans. While not calling out the Lincoln Project by name, it's clear they're the inspiration for the piece.

"For decades, I have been known as one of the most significant voices in the Republican Party. I have advised the Bushes. I’ve aided the Quayles. I’ve tenderly kissed the Cheneys. But today I come to you to reveal that I am leaving this beloved party of mine—the party that educated me, housed me, tickled me, and dressed me up as a donkey and forced me to run drunkenly through the streets of Iowa to scare voters in the 1984 Presidential election," Gillis writes.

Read the full piece over at The New Yorker.

[Correction: A previous version of this article failed to make clear that the New Yorker article was a satire piece]