WATCH: Joy Reid rips Trump for pouring gasoline on the fire of the right-wing extremist inferno
Portland, Oregon/United States-August 22, 2020: Conservative people from the far right movement, Proud Boys, and Boogaloo join for a "Back the Blue" rally.

MSNBC's Joy Reid played a clip on her Friday evening show that included a sheriff whose viewpoint was that the boogaloo militia should be innocent until proven guilty. The boogaloo militia was the party responsible for the attempted kidnapping Thursday of Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI).

"Are they trying to kidnap? Because a lot of people are angry with the governor [Gretchen Whitmer] and they want her arrested," stated Barry County, Michigan sheriff Dar Leaf. "So were they trying to arrest or was this a kidnap attempt? Because you could see in Michigan if it's a felony, you could make a felony arrest. These guys are innocent until proven guilty so I'm not even sure."

Leaf had previously shared a stage with one of the accused men during a lock-down rally last May in Grand Rapids, Michigan.