WATCH: Trump supporter attacks TV news photographer outside Duluth rally
Trump supporter attacks TV photographer (WCCO)

One of President Donald Trump's supporters violently attacked a TV news photographer outside a Minnesota rally.

A white man who appeared to be in his 60s confronted WCCO-TV photojournalist Dymanh Chhoun during a clash with Joe Biden supporters outside the president's rally Wednesday in Duluth, the station reported.

“You guys want to be peaceful? Be peaceful!" the man says to the journalist. "You want to be violent? Come to me!”

The man then punches Chhoun’s camera phone from his hand, although he had identified himself as a member of the media and was recording video in a public space.

Chhoun was not injured, and the group of Trump supporters eventually backed off.

The TV station reported the incident to police, who are investigating.

Chhoun previously confronted and recorded video of the infamous "Umbrella Man" during the earliest protests against George Floyd's killing by Minneapolis police.

Investigators later identified the "Umbrella Man" as a white supremacist seeking to inflame racial tensions during the protest by committing acts of vandalism during the protests, although he has not yet been arrested.