WATCH: White couple barges into Airbnb to question Black guest -- and then complain he's being unfair
White couple barges into Airbnb (Facebook)

A white couple barged into a home rented by a Black man through Airbnb and demanded an explanation for why he was there.

The man recorded the encounter, which was then widely circulated online, showing the couple repeatedly asking whether he lives in the Louisville, Kentucky, home.

"What do you mean, do I live here?" the man says, and then asks them to explain why they entered the house uninvited.

The woman says she lives next door, and then her partner says they came to investigate what they believed to be "suspicious" behavior inside.

"So you just walked into the house because you saw Black people?" the man says. "You just profiled us."

The woman insists that's not the case, and the Black man asks what she would think if he barged into their house to investigate without permission.

"I'd feel scared," she says, and then complains that he made the issue about race.

The couple then appear to be satisfied by the man's explanation and leave, and he follows them to the door as he continues recording.

"This is just real scary," the Black man says. "So you just go walk into houses like that? I'm just confused about that."

The woman's partner then complains that the Airbnb guest had brought up race.

"If you saw somebody walk into a house that was empty," the man says, "you would do the same thing, but you want to pull the race card with us."