Woman injured after motorcyclist ‘barrels’ into crowd at Democratic senator’s rally
Strong support from African-American voters helped fuel Democrat Doug Jones' upset victory in the Senate race in Alabama (AFP Photo/JIM WATSON)

A woman was injured after a motorcyclist barreled through a rally for Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL).

The Democratic senator was holding a rally Sunday afternoon in Warrenton, Alabama, when a man revved the engine of his three-wheeled motorcycle and rode through a crowd of Jones supporters, reported The Gadsden Times.

"About 30 seconds after Doug got off the bus, there were two motorcycles parked across the street," said Susan McKenney, chair of the Marshall County Democrat Party. "One barreled right through the crowd."

The man then circled back around as if he was going to ride back through the crowd, she said.

One woman was injured, but witnesses said the injuries were minor, and police aren't sure if she intends to pursue a warrant against the rider.

"He said he was there to hear Doug Jones," said Mike Turner, of Guntersville police.

Turner said the man hadn't made up his mind yet in the election, and insisted he did not intend to strike anyone and didn't even realize he had.

The officer said the incident didn't appear to be as serious as witnesses have stated, and he didn't see any evidence of political motivation.

The incident was recorded on video that has been removed from social media, but another reporter who saw the video told the newspaper that it showed the rider rev his engine before driving into the crowd while McKenney and others tried to stop him.

McKenney said another person in the crowd convinced the other rider to leave, saying the event was not a protest or debate, and the pair left.

Witnesses said trucks parked near the rally kicked up gravel toward Jones supporters and shouted insults, and McKenney said their license plates were obscured with shopping bags.

"We are encouraging [the victim] to follow through by getting a warrant," McKenney said. "We feel it is important that people not be intimidated. I don't think they understood it was a rally and not anything they should have been involved with."

"I can't imagine my people showing up at a Trump rally or anything like that," she added. "We are considerate of others' view. It really bothers me that they felt they were empowered to do this."