'Women didn't like that': Fox News host grills GOP chairwoman after Trump interrupts '145 times' at debate
Sandra Smith speaks with Ronna Romney McDaniel on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News host Sandra Smith pressed Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel on Thursday over the idea that President Donald Trump could be punished with a "mute button" after he repeatedly interrupted Democratic candidate Joe Biden at Tuesday's presidential debate.

During an interview on Fox News, Smith noted that the Commission on Presidential Debates is considering changing the rules due to the constant interruptions at the first debate between Biden and Trump.

"At any point when you were watching the debate, did you wish that perhaps President Trump didn't jump in there as much as he did?" Smith wondered.

"I actually wanted him to keep asking him about stacking the Supreme Court," McDaniel replied.

"But to that point about the interruptions," Smith interrupted. "Did you ever think, that's too much?"

"Joe Biden was interrupting the president just as much," McDaniel claimed falsely. "It was the back and forth."

"But I'm asking you a question that you're not answering," Smith countered. "Did at any point, did you think it would be better for your party, better for the Trump campaign to not have jumped in as much as he did?"

"Many women didn't like that," the Fox News host continued. "They didn't like the aggressiveness that they saw on the stage."

"At any point, I'm asking you, Ronna, did you wish the president didn't jump in as much?" she asked.

"I'm speaking as a female voter," McDaniel said. "I wanted to see the president to force Joe Biden to answer these questions. I really wanted Chris Wallace to do it and I was glad to see the president do it."

Smith went on to point to a recent Monmouth University national poll that found Biden leads Trump 57% to 38% among women voters.

"Doesn't that concern you?" Smith pressed.

For her part, McDaniel asserted that "a lot" of Trump's debate performance appealed to women.

Smith reminded McDaniel that Trump had more than twice as many interruptions as Biden.

"When you look at the interruptions, our Brain Room dug into exactly how many interruptions there were on the part of both candidates," Smith remarked. "In total, Biden, 67 times. President Trump, 145 times. You can tally it up and you can see there were more interruptions."

"Would you support a mute button?" Smith wanted to know.

"These are grown men," McDaniel insisted. "They can handle each other."

Watch the video below from Fox News.