‘Zombie’ Trump campaign blasted by conservative strategist: ‘They’re going to be among the Walking Dead’
President Donald J. Trump and President Mike Pence, official White House photo by Shealah Craighead.

President Donald Trump's campaign decisions were ridiculed by a conservative campaign strategist on MSNBC.

"The Week" anchor Joshua Johnson interviewed Susan Del Percio, a longtime GOP strategist and senior advisor to the Lincoln Project.

"Susan, what about the differences in strategy between the Biden campaign and the Trump campaign in terms of how they spend their dollars? We know that Trump campaign has often favored online advertising vs. on air advertising. They have some pretty creative stuff coming out in the last few days, one of the latest pieces they put out is called 'How to Catch a Zombie, Joe Biden edition' -- with a picture of Joe Biden, I think, between words so he looks a little zonked out."

"Could that work for them again?" Johnson asked.

"No," Del Percio replied.

"You can have few dollars and maximize them or have a lot of dollars and blow it," she explained. "That's what the Trump campaign did -- they had a lot of dollars, blew it early on, they didn't have a spending strategy."

"That's part of the problem, when they throw these things up online without having a thought process behind it they can't, what we call in the business, burn a message," she continued. "That's what the lack of funds right now the Trump campaign has is really hurting  Trump. Not that he has a message.

"There's not enough time or money for the Donald trump campaign to be successful and burning another message and getting out to the public. So they can try zombie whatever they want, but it turns out they're going to be among the Walking Dead," she concluded.