Trump’s tweets are being blocked from misleading the public
(AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

For the first time in his presidency, President Donald Trump's lies are finally being shut down.

The tweets that Trump has raged in all-caps about the election have been covered with a disclaimer that there's no proof to whatever allegations he's making.

Three of the eight tweets from the president today have been covered with the disclaimer.

Trump also hasn't been at work in the West Wing since Tuesday, with no Marine soldier standing outside the Oval Office, as one does when he is in the office. The White House has also called an early "lid" for the press each day.

President Donald Trump has spent the better part of the coronavirus pandemic lying about the virus and misleading Americans about the dangers of the virus. It has meant millions of infections and over 230,000 deaths with more on the horizon.

The Washington Post has tried to keep track of the Trump lies, but in July they posted the 20,000 falsehoods that they calculated from 27 m onths of the Trump presidency.

See the tweets below: