Anthony Scaramucci says there's no chance Trump is running in 2024: 'I know the guy'
Image credit: CNN

Anthony Scaramucci, former aide to President Donald Trump, told CNN's Chris Cuomo that he doesn't think there will be another MAGA campaign in 2024.

Trump is facing a number of state and federal lawsuits when he leaves office. Even if he manages to pardon himself or secure a pardon it would still leave tax and bank fraud cases.

"I actually think on January 21st, they're going to slice his throat metaphorically and they're going to push him out to pasture as hard as possible because you have all these young Republicans that want to run for president and Mitch McConnell knows that once he's out of power he has to dispatch them very quickly," Scaramucci said "By the way, Chris, you know the president's personality. I know it very well. The minute he leaves that stage, and it is no longer about him, he's not campaigning for other people. He's not going to go to diminishing crowd sized rallies for himself. And the bloom will be off the rose, and he'll be 75 years old. So, I see this thing ending way more abruptly than other people do."

Political reporter Ron Brownstein said that Trump might ultimately feel better campaigning against people than for people, particularly if they try to turn against him.

"But, remember, he's not going to be able to run until 2024," Scaramucci said. "Trust me. I know the guy. It's got to be 100% about him, 100% of the time. In the next few years, it really won't be, and he'll lose interest. That's the nature of his personality."

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