'Are you listening Republicans?' Trump promotes Randy Quaid tweet demanding a re-vote of 2020 election

President Donald Trump on Tuesday promoted a tweet from actor Randy Quaid in which he demanded a full re-vote of the 2020 presidential election.

In the tweet, Quaid falsely claimed that Trump had been cheated out of the election due to the use of mail-in ballots, and he demanded that the election be completely redone.

"We’ve lost confidence in the system that elects our leaders," Quaid wrote. "79 million Americans believe election was rigged, the results fraudulent. We need an in-person-only-paper ballot re-vote, especially in the States where flagrant irregularities have occurred. No accuracy, no democracy!"

Trump retweeted Quaid's post and asked, "Are you listening Republicans?"

The most recent voting data show that Trump is trailing President-elect Joe Biden by more than 6 million votes nationwide and that Trump faces a 74-vote Electoral College vote deficit against Biden.