Biden campaign building a 'fundraising apparatus like never before' — to fight Trump in the courts: report
Democrat Joe Biden. (AFP)

On Monday, Politico reported that the Biden campaign and his circle of allies are discussing a final burst of fundraising — specifically designed to fight President Donald Trump in court if he tries to challenge the legitimacy of the election.

"In recent calls, Biden allies and donors discussed preparations to counter potential lawsuits from Trump and his campaign, and they detailed how close results in key states could set off prolonged, expensive legal fights, according to two people who participated in those calls," reported Elena Schneider and Natasha Korecki. "If vote totals are close or contested, the funds would support the efforts of dozens of lawyers working for Biden’s campaign, including some who have already deployed to key battleground states as part of voter protection programs."

"A second call with donors last Thursday featured attorneys working with the Biden campaign, who warned donors that though they 'have the funds to start a legal battle,' they expected a lengthy litigation process, which would require 'a fundraising apparatus like never before' to finance it, said one person who participated on the call," continued the report. "The person added that Biden officials were explicit that they would only need to deploy the funds if the Trump campaign sought to contest the results in states."

Trump has spent months trying, with no factual basis, to attack mail-in voting as corrupt and fraudulent, and recent reports indicate he plans to declare victory if he is leading in the vote count on Tuesday night even if not all the votes have been counted yet. His campaign, and Republicans around the country following its lead, fought to roll back expansions of voting options in the courts, and though most of them have failed, some judges he appointed have warned they are open to tossing ballots.