Biden gets emotional in Zoom call as nurse pleads for help: 'Our employers and government aren't supporting us'
President-elect Joe Biden with healthcare workers

Minnesota Nurses Association president Mary Turner works on the night-shift in a COVID-19 unit. Her story to President-elect Joe Biden leading some in the meeting, including Biden, to tear up.

She explained that nurses are "feeling anxious" as they begin to run low on personal protective equipment and ICU beds continue to fill up.

"We know the right way to battle this virus," said Turner. "But our employers and our government are not supporting us. We're trying to care for patients, despite limited supplies, limited staff and a rapid decline in the hospital beds."

She explained that the nurses know and understand that every moment they spend in the hospital with those patients could infect and ultimately kill them.

Instant and tearful, Turner apologized, "I'm sorry I'm so emotional, it's just --"

"No, you got me emotional," Biden cut in to reassure her.

See the heart-felt moment below: