Biden pulls ahead in Michigan: New York Times
Joe Biden Town Hall (Screen Grab)

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has now pulled ahead of President Donald Trump in Michigan, after trailing President Donald Trump in the overall vote throughout Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

According to the New York Times, Biden now has 2,485,743 votes in Michigan, compared to Trump's 2,478,801 votes with 89 percent of the vote reporting.

According to New York Times elections analyst Nate Cohn, Biden now leads in enough states to accrue 270 electoral votes, and thus win the election.

Politico reporter Tim Alberta believes that Biden's lead in Michigan is very likely to hold given the number of outstanding ballots remaining.

"Wayne County has a couple hundred thousand votes left to count. Because they're Detroit *and* absentee they're ~ 3:1 Biden," he writes. "He has 448k votes in Wayne so far. Obama won 660k in '08, 596k in '12."