Biden's lead in Milwaukee increases after Trump blew millions on Wisconsin recount: report
Joe Biden, Donald Trump -- Facebook/AFP

President-elect Joe Biden's lead over Donald Trump in Wisconsin extended on Friday as Milwaukee finished their recount.

The Trump campaign had to pay $3 million for the recount in Wisconsin.

"Milwaukee County concludes its recount of the presidential election -- one of two counties where Trump sought a recount in Wisconsin. The results: Biden's lead, currently at about 20,000 statewide, grew by 132 votes," Rosalind Helderman of The Washington Post reported Friday.

Edward-Isaac Dovere of The Atlantic did a quick, back-of-the-envelope economic analysis.

"With the $3 million the Trump campaign spent on recounts split between two counties, this would amount to the Trump campaign spending $11,363 per vote *added* to Biden," Dovere wrote.