Bill Maher blames 'social justice warriors' for Democrats failing in 2020: 'I could do this all day'
HBO's Bill Maher opens his show on Friday, November 2, 2018/Screenshot

The host of "Late Night with Bill Maher" on Friday angrily lashed out at the left for Democrats' failure in congressional and state races.

"The message to Democrats, from so much of the country, seems to be, 'We don't like Trump, but we still can't bring ourselves to vote for you.' If Crack Jack was made with popcorn and dog sh*t and half the people threw out the popcorn, popcorn should want to know why," Maher said.

He spoke about many of his favorite targets, including "Social Justice Warriors" and cancel culture, defund the police and what he described as a lack of common sense.

"I could do this all day," he said while listing his grievances.

"It would be so easy to win elections if we would just drop that sh*t," Maher declared.