Bob Woodward throws Trump's words back in his face to prove he's failed his own voters

Journalist Bob Woodward on Monday said that President Donald Trump has completely failed his own voters -- and he used the president's own words to prove it.

Appearing on CNN, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter brought up an interview he'd had with Trump earlier this year to show how the president isn't even meeting his own standards for being a good president.

"In my discussions with Trump, I asked him, 'What's the job of the president?' He said to protect the people," Woodward said. "He is not protecting the people. There is a national interest that is very clear to attack and deal with the pandemic, and he does not organize, he does not plan. He makes decisions on impulse."

As the body count from the novel coronavirus pandemic topped 230,000 Americans over the weekend, Woodward argued that the president is still not leveling with the American people about the dire situation facing our country.

"He still has not told the truth to the American people about this, and it is one of the most serious, negligent acts by a sitting president I have ever seen as a reporter for 50 years, or in fact in history," Woodward said. "He is not dealing with reality -- an absolute American tragedy."

Watch the video below.