CNN panel lights up Trump over 'the greatest hypocrisy' of his presidency

President Donald Trump received harsh criticism on Saturday for golfing while continuing to push conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election, which Trump lost to President-elect Joe Biden.

"In Wisconsin, President-elect Joe Biden has just picked up more votes in the state's recount. Remember, this is a recount that was requested by President Trump's campaign in its failing attempt to overturn the election results," CNN's Boris Sanchez reported. "The final count gave Biden a more than 180,000 vote edge over his rival in Milwaukee County and certified his victory."

"By the way, the recount cost millions of dollars, so the Trump team spent millions to lose even harder," he added.

"Legal defeats also keep mounting for the president. In Pennsylvania, a Trump appointed judge rejecting the campaign's efforts to undo Biden's certified win in that state," he noted.

CNN's panel noted the hopelessness of the Trump position.

"This is called crawling your way to the bottom," longtime GOP strategist Mark McKinnon said. "That's the problem with recounts, particularly in an area where Biden did well and Democrats do well. If you do a recount, you're likely to get more Democratic votes. That's just how this works..."

The topic of Trump golfing for the the third day in a row came up.

"I got to say, it's one of the greatest hypocrisies of his presidency," McKinnon said, reminding CNN's audience of Trump's frequent criticism of President Barack Obama golfing.