CNN's Chris Cuomo has a crisis of confidence as America hunger reaches records: 'We're consumed by suck'
CNN's Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

Things suck, CNN's Chris Cuomo said in a conversation with fellow host Don Lemon on Wednesday. It comes amid the news that 50 million Americans are going to go hungry this year.

In a heartfelt moment between the two, Cuomo confessed he's losing hope in Americans. Cuomo had just finished a segment where he addressed the shocking degree of hunger amid the job losses and financial problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A shocking photo made the rounds over the weekend of a line of cars, four layers deep, filled with families trying to get food from a food bank.

"I really don't know anymore," Cuomo confessed. "I mean I -- you know, I was -- you know, I come from a family where, you know, my father clawed his way into schools and into a profession where he didn't belong and he had all of these dreams and all he could focus on was helping other people who didn't get to the same place that he could from a similar condition. Now that's why he went into public service, and now you literally have a party -- and people will say, 'Oh, this isn't partisan.' The hell it is not partisan! You have people indulging Trump in this farce of a fraud campaign with Rudy [Giuliani] making a fool out of himself, and people are starving in this country. They are doing nothing but playing politics at best."

"It just -- if this doesn't do it, what does?" Cuomo lamented. "What do we care about anymore? What matters?"

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) isn't likely to allow another COVID-19 stimulus to come for a vote, despite a growing number of Americans suffering during the holidays.

Lemon said it's hard to even argue with the right because they can't agree on facts.

Cuomo mentioned a guest, CEO of the North Texas Food Bank, Neil Wilson, a former veteran who lost his house but continues to help others suffering through the pandemic.

"It's not the math. It's our mentality," Cuomo continued. "It is our heart. I'm just sad. I am just always sad. The election, who wins, who loses, nothing changes. It is just -- we are like, consumed by suck and a pandemic is an afterthought. I just -- I guess that at the end of the day the only truth is that you are what you do, and I can't define myself by how well Don and I or Anderson or Jake or whoever it pushes power to acknowledge, it is never going to work, it is never going to be satisfying. We can't do enough. But what you can do in your own life, I can drag my kids -- they don't have to be at school anymore, it seems, get them out of the house and go help the Hilton Cross by at Heart of the Hamptons and give people food."

"You were just reading my mind," said Lemon.

"Just, food!" Cuomo said. "Just think about it, in America, food, 50 million people" including 17 million children will experience hunger this year.

Click here to find a food bank near you to donate or ask for help.

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