Congress demands GSA's Emily Murphy justify her refusal to brief officials until next week
Emily Murphy (Screen Grab)

Members of Congress issued another letter to General Service Administration chief Emily Murphy, who refused to answer questions before Congress after being called last week.

While searching for other jobs, Murphy has refused to sign off on a document that would officially allow President-elect Joe Biden to move forward with a peaceful transition of power. The letter demanded Murphy explain why she won't allow Biden to move forward. So, Congress called her to testify. She sent her deputy instead, saying she would send the deputy to testify next week.

The House called it unacceptable.

"We cannot wait yet another week to obtain basic information about your refusal to make the ascertainment determination. Every additional day that is wasted is a day that the safety, health, and well-being of the American people is imperiled as the incoming Biden-Harris Administration is blocked from fully preparing for the coronavirus pandemic, our nation's dire economic crisis, and our national security."

They then threatened to use their Article I powers to make Murphy appear, meaning they'd issue a subpoena and use the Sargent At Arms to haul her before Congress to testify.

Murphy had claimed she couldn't meet this week because she can't figure out the technology. So, the House offered to set it up for her.

Read the letter below: