'Don't listen to the lies': Conservative elections expert shows why Trump really did lose

President Donald Trump is still trying to delegitimize the 2020 presidential election -- but one conservative elections expert is begging his fellow Republicans to not believe the president's lies.

Writing on Twitter, Decision Desk HQ analyst Jeffrey Blehar explains that absolutely nothing in the data he has analyzed shows any kind of mass voter fraud in the elections results.

Rather, he finds a clear and consistent pattern: President-elect Joe Biden performed significantly better among college-educated whites and marginally better among non-college white voters than Hillary Clinton did four years ago.

He then shows how Trump's surprising improvement among some minority voters, particularly Latinos, helped the president hold onto key states such as Florida and Texas, even as he lost whiter states such as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

"My point: speaking as a very partisan Republican, red in tooth and claw, I beseech you: don't listen to lies that Trump and pols he has held hostage are either telling or insinuating to you about this being a fraudulent [election]," he wrote. "It's legit. Don't burn the house down, vote in 2022."

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