'Eight big Trump lies' debunked in under three minutes by CNN's John Avlon

CNN's John Avlon on Wednesday performed a rapid-fire debunking of some of President Donald Trump's most regularly repeated falsehoods.

During his "Reality Check" segment, Avlon debunked what he described as "eight big Trump lies" that the president is still telling his supporters even after they have been repeatedly proven false.

"Start with the five-volume, bipartisan Senate intel report that found Russian interference in 2016 was not a hoax, as Trump still constantly claims, but very real," Avlon began. "Likewise, the IG report found that the FBI probe into the Trump campaign's Russia ties was justified and not politically biased."

He then showed how quickly the Trump hyped "unmasking" scandal fell apart under even the slightest scrutiny, how Trump's voter fraud commission disbanded two years ago without uncovering any proof of widespread fraud, and how investigators found no proof that Hillary Clinton deliberately mishandled classified information despite the president's repeated assertions that she should be locked up.

"Trump supporters, you're being lied to," Avlon said. "Donald Trump has a history of lying loudly, turning baseless accusations into articles of faith."

Watch the video below.