Ex-GOP counsel calls out Republicans for hyping threat of socialism when Trump was way worse
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

Despite the baseless claims of the "sky is falling" throes of socialist propaganda aimed at provoking the right during the election cycle, the threat to democracy is not actually socialism - it's the authoritarian regime one-term president Donald J. Trump has peddled since arriving in office four years ago.

"What I find interesting and frankly alarming is that while tens of millions of our fellow Americans fear socialism, they somehow cannot see the authoritarianism of Donald Trump," Sophia A. Nelson wrote in The Daily Beast Sunday. Nelson was legal counsel to New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman and ran for Congress from New Jersey's 1st congressional district in 1996. She was also a GOP counsel for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee.

"You would think America was on the verge of becoming Venezuela. We are not. Yet socialism is one of those loaded words that when you throw it around out of context, it scares the hell out of people. When you read about it in other countries like in Europe or Canada, though, it is not that scary."

What is scary, though, is the amount of faith Trump supporters seem to still have in their leader: a proven selfish, narcissistic, cheater-in-chief.

"What Donald Trump’s supporters fail to see is that he, not socialism, is the threat to democracy," Nelson wrote. "That it is he and his cronies who have really harmed democracy over the past two weeks, and again on Friday when he held a press briefing on the COVID vaccine, by not acknowledging Biden’s victory, or respecting the integrity of our electoral process. That he and his enablers who caged children, separated them from their families, attacked immigrants, emboldened racism, appointed right-wing judges, and turned Americans against one another are the real and lasting danger to America."

Trump supporters have righteously claimed ownership of an ex-reality star president with blatant disregard for human life as their own. A man who cannot admit defeat in spite of it staring him in the face and who knowingly withheld scientific data that could have saved thousands of his own people's lives because it was not in his personal best interest. There seems to be a disconnect in the new Republican party of Donald Trump and it involves short-circuiting between the mind, brain, and heart.