Ex-GOP senator begs his party to call out 'reckless actions' by Trump's legal team
Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN). Image via screengrab.

Former Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) is imploring the Republican Party to stop sitting idly by while President Donald Trump and his legal team spread bogus propaganda about the 2020 presidential election.

In a Friday morning tweet, Corker acknowledged that the president has every right to file challenges to election results in court, but he said that Trump legal team is going far beyond reality-based arguments and into the realm of unproveable conspiracy theories.

"While the president has the right to legitimate legal challenges, responsible citizens cannot let the reckless actions by him and his legal team stand," he wrote.

He then encouraged his own party to stop being so passive, as he warned it could do real damage to the country.

"Republicans have an obligation when the subject is of such importance to challenge demagoguery and patently false statements," he wrote.

Corker often had a contentious relationship with the president during his final two years in office, and Trump would frequently mock him as "Liddle Bob Corker" on his Twitter account.