Ex-White House official taunts Trump for not being 'man enough' to meet with Biden in the Oval Office
July 13, 2018: Donald Trump’s visit to England is met with protests and a blimp flying over London. The protest team poses for the cameras with Angry Trump Baby. (Shutterstock)

During a segment Sunday on MSNBC's Live With Yasmin Vossoughian, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci taunted President Donald J. Trump for not being "man enough" to meet with President-elect Joe Biden in the Oval Office following his electoral win.

"He may not be man enough to invite the vice president into the White House, like they did for him, or go to the inaugural," Scaramucci said. "But right now, they [Trump campaigners] are trying to raise money. They couldn't afford the Four Seasons Hotel -- they went to the Four Seasons Landscaping Company."

Scaramucci was an adviser to the 2016 Trump campaign and served as communications director for only 10 days.

Watch the video below.

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