'Failed incumbent' Trump is being ignored now that his 'mystique is gone': Ex-GOPer Dave Jolly
Former GOP Rep. David Jolly of Florida on MSNBC (screengrab)

Former Republican Rep. David Jolly explained that there are two problems outgoing President Donald Trump is facing: First, he is resting comfortably in his own house of denial, but second, his advisers aren't doing their jobs in walking him through his lack of options to steal the 2020 election.

"None of those advisers will actually go to work for Donald Trump," said Jolly. "Consider just among the legal community the number of reputable lawmakers that said we won't have a meritless claim because their reputation is on the line as well."

He recalled all of the times Trump bragged that he would hire "all the best people" for the White House and cabinet.

"We've seen people either with compromised reputations, compromised ability to actually perform on behalf of a president, or perhaps just compromised by their own affinity to Donald Trump the man," Jolly continued. "But I think the reason this feels different in this interim between the election and the inauguration is we're now seeing Donald Trump untethered from the power of the presidency. The mystique has gone. He is now a failed incumbent who lost re-election. So, all of these fits and starts he is attempting aren't working because this is now Joe Biden's America."

He explained that in the past, Trump could command power and attention using the Office of the Presidency. Those days are waning now.

See Jolly's full take in the video below: