'Fake' voting center pops up in California — and investigators quickly link it to GOP operatives
Voters line up at a polling place. (Image via Shutterstock)

On Wednesday, ABC 7 reported that prosecutors in Orange County, California are investigating reports of a fake voting center that allegedly popped up in Westminster.

"The incident unfolded on an Election Day that was otherwise marked by smoothly moving voting lines and a lack of major delays at polling places throughout the county," reported Tony Cabrera. "An anti-voter suppression group called Clarity OC alerted authorities about the unofficial voting location ... reporting that ballots were being discarded."

"Investigators who were sent to the site by District Attorney Todd Spitzer found that it was connected to two Republican campaigns," said the report. "Although investigators determined that ballots were not being thrown out, the legal team was looking to see if there were any other violations of the law."

California has among the most liberal ballot harvesting laws in the country, allowing several categories of people to deliver ballots on behalf of others — including officials linked to political parties. However, there are still strict rules about how those ballots can be handled and processed.

Watch the original report below: