'Feel my spirit': GOP congressman posts bizarre video calling Trump 'an anointed blessing'

Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) recently released a cryptic message to his supporters saying, "Listen to me America: Donald J. Trump, President Trump, has been an anointed blessing to our nation. I realize I'm compassionate about feeling the arc about many of Americans that disagree... This is a man that did not have to serve as our president and commander-in-chief. Living the life of a billionaire. Would you have done it? I think not... I have inside data. This election was compromised."

Higgins added, “None of us want to fight, man. However, I have to tell you that this election, our president won this election. Feel my spirit, I’m telling you: Our president won this election. And if any American would stand by and allow the total dissolution of our republic, then you’re not an American.”

Watch the video below.