‘Flagrant lies’: Nicolle Wallace bashes Fox News for creating an alternate reality that endangers Americans
MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace spent part of last week getting some much-needed rest after spending election week appearing on the three-woman panel for hours each night until President-elect Joe Biden reached 270 electoral votes. While she was off, she confessed she watched some of the primetime coverage of the election on Fox News.

"[I] was aghast," she said. "I mean, they are pumping flagrant lies into millions of viewers. They're interviewing lunatics, they call them lawyers, not sure how many of them have law degrees, saying there are a million votes here, observers here. These cases have been filed. They've gone before judges that were Democratic and Republican appointees, and they've all been thrown out. Do you share president Obama's concern about the alternate universe of fact-free information that's being pumped into trump's base?'

MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton agreed, saying that people are entitled to their own opinion but they can't create their own facts. Because news agencies like Fox News, Newsmax and OAN refuse to report the realities

"We're now in a nation where facts don't matter," Rev. Sharpton continued. "You make up facts. And not only do you have an alternative reality, how do you debate someone that is dealing with a totally fictitious premise? How do you debate a fantasy that someone wants to sell and people want to believe? I think the danger of that is in the middle of having to engage and try to knock down fantasies, we put ourselves at risk to a foreign enemy or some enemy like a pandemic that is a natural disaster because reality is not going to spare fantasy."

He explained that people can buy into the fantasy land all they want, but it doesn't stop the reality from taking them down.

An ER nurse in South Dakota told a story about her patients being inches from death and still denying that COVID-19 was real.

"I think about the White House in which I served," Wallace recalled. "I think that the difference there because I was listening to President Obama and I share his concern that the Bush administration was covered obviously more favorably on Fox News and far for critically on MSNBC and other platforms. But the story that led the news was often the same, particularly in the months and years after September 11th. You now have a true alternate reality where there is literally no intersection in the stories that show up in right-wing media and Fox isn't the only one."

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