Former CIA officials say Trump can't be trusted with US secrets once he's no longer president
Donald Trump (NBC/Screenshot)

Speaking to NBC News, former intelligence officials say they don't trust Donald Trump with U.S. secrets once he leaves the presidency. "With Trump's real estate empire under financial pressure and his brand suffering, they worry he will see American secrets as a profit center" if he's still getting classified briefings as an ex-president, the report stated.

"This is not something that one could have ever imagined with other presidents, but it's easy to imagine with this one," said Jack Goldsmith, who worked as a senior Justice Department official in the George W. Bush administration.

"He's shown as president that he doesn't take secret-keeping terribly seriously," Goldsmith continued. "He has a known tendency to disrespect rules related to national security. And he has a known tendency to like to sell things that are valuable to him."

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