Former federal prosecutor says judge could void Trump's pardon for Flynn -- here's how
Former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn leaves after the delay in his sentencing hearing at US District Court in Washington. (AFP / SAUL LOEB)

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner responded to President Donald Trump's pardon of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn by saying that it's entirely possible that the judge in Flynn's case could nullify the pardon.

"Just as Judge Emmet Sullivan refused to grant Barr’s corrupt motion to dismiss, I hope Judge [Emmet] Sullivan sets a hearing on whether this pardon is corrupt & hence illegal/void," said Kirschner.

Civil Rights attorney Andrew Laufer agreed, saying that he too wants to see how Judge Sullivan deals with the development.

"Flynn’s pardon now needs to be entered in the Court docket. Let’s see what Judge Sullivan does next," Laufer tweeted. "Remember, the Court isn’t a rubber stamp. It had to approve Flynn’s plea withdrawal and Barr’s attempt at dismissing the prosecution."

Watch Kirschner in the video below: