Fox News host buried in mockery for comparing Whoopi Goldberg to Trump appointee who’s undermining Biden
"The View's" Whoopi Goldberg. (Photo: Screen capture)

A Trump appointee is refusing to allow Joe Biden's transition team to begin formal work, and Fox News host Howard Kurtz compared that to Whoopi Goldberg urging the president's supporters to accept his election loss.

Goldberg, host of "The View," told President Donald Trump's supporters to "suck it up" after the election was called for Biden, whose transition team cannot formally prepare to take over the executive branch after the administrator of the General Services Administration refused to sign a letter authorizing their work to begin.

"From Trump's GSA barring Biden transition officials from federal buildings to Whoopi Goldberg telling his voters to suck it up, both sides are playing the politics of payback," Kurtz tweeted, linking to his new column. "Why the anger still rages and the election feels endless."

Other social media users were baffled by his comparison.