Fox News host never told staffers he got infected with COVID-19: report

Todd Piro, the co-host of "Fox & Friends First," recently came down with COVID-19 and reportedly never bothered telling his staffers about it.

Fox News staffers tell The Daily Beast that they were never given any kind of explanation when Piro stopped showing up to work in Fox's Manhattan studio earlier this month, only to learn later that he'd been infected with the novel coronavirus.

"They’re doing the minimum with regard to COVID to not get sued," one staffer said. "Everyone is talking about him [Piro] being positive. Some are wondering why his co-anchor is still allowed in the building. Most are worried that the company is too lax with its COVID response."

The staffer also said that "this place lets the anchors run the show, and their airtime is more important than our safety."

Another Fox staffer expressed indignation that Piro's co-host, Jillian Mele, continued to show up on the set even after being exposed to the virus.

"To me the more concerning part of this is Mele still being allowed in the building,” they said. “She sits next to him [Piro] for at least an hour. Then she goes to Fox & Friends after that. So her potential to expose people is very high.”