Fox News host says COVID spike is 'helping' Trump: 'High income groups don't want anymore lockdowns'
Maria Bartiromo appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday spoke on behalf of "high income groups" who she said are against COVID-19 "lockdowns."

Bartiromo made the statement on Fox & Friends after host Brian Kilmeade noted that COVID-19 cases are "going up in 42 states."

"You look at Europe right now," Bartiromo replied, "Paris is on lockdown, all of France on lockdown. You've got Germany on lockdown for another month."

"Here's the deal. Voters in America do not want to see the economy locked down," she continued. "When you look at the groups that are high income groups, they don't want want anymore lockdowns."

According to Bartiromo, America needs "to adapt to this new normal."

"And I think that's also helping President Trump because, he says, 'Look, yes, we've got a spike in cases but we're living with it, we're getting vaccines,'" she said. "You are going to see a vaccine on the market at some point. But you're right, this is the worry and voters think that Joe Biden has a plan. The president is actually moving forward, adapting to this new normal. I think it's resonating."

Watch the video below from Fox News.