Furious Donald Trump fans are boycotting Fox News' Tucker Carlson
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (screen grab)

Fox News' Tucker Carlson is at the center of a potential Fox News boycott following his recent attempt to appeal to Trump supporters who are echoing President Donald Trump's claims about the election being "stolen" from them.

On Monday evening, Carlson offered a quick overview of the series of events that have transpired over the last several days. While he did acknowledge Trump's baseless claim of potential voter fraud and supported the president's frivolous probe into the election results, he also admitted that there is a strong possibility of the outcome conservatives are dreading: having to accept the fact that Trump has lost the election and that President-elect Joe Biden will take over the White House in January.

Carlson's remarks were quickly condemned by viewers via social media. In fact, many took to Twitter with direct replies to Carlson after he shared the clip of his remarks on the social network. Now, viewers are attempting to boycott Fox News while insisting the network "sold conservatives out."

One Twitter user wrote, "Unfortunately, @FoxNews sold conservatives out. You're a legend and I hope they pay you what you deserve. The last straw for me was one of your anchors caught on camera patronizing a POTUS supporter today."

The latest Twitter firestorm comes days after conservatives were outraged over Fox News' decision to call the election when other conservative networks like NewsMax and OANN (One America News Network) opted to wait until Trump legal challenges are over. Fox News was also one of the first television networks to call the state of Arizona for Biden. After the Associated Press declared Biden the winner of the election, Fox News also reported the development and labeled by Biden as the President-elect of the United States.