Gunfire erupts as Trump train clashes with protesters in Virginia

This Sunday, violence broke out during a Trump caravan parade in Richmond, Virginia, near a monument to Robert. E. Lee, starting with a report to police that a woman was pepper-sprayed by an unknown person in a car. Another report said an occupant in a car was hit by gunfire, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

The "Trump Train" event was organized by Richmond City Council candidate Mike Dickinson.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, one reporter found a bullet hole in his car.

"Several other witnesses said one or more of the supporters of President Donald Trump in the train of cars was spraying chemical irritants at an opposing crowd that was trying to block the cars from passing," the Times-Dispatch reports. "One man said he narrowly avoided being run over by jumping onto the hood of a car. Another man said he ducked just in time as someone fired a gun at him from a truck, after someone else had pulled a Trump flag off one of the vehicles."

Watch a report on the story below: