‘He’ll burn down the house’: Ex-Trump Org exec says president will do anything to ensure he’s not a loser
President Donald Trump speaks during a press briefing on September 7, 2020. (Screenshot)

Ex-Trump Organization executive Barbara Res appeared on MSNBC Wednesday to offer her grave concerns regarding President Donald J. Trump's refusal to admit defeat and offer a peaceful transfer of power.

"He can't deal with losing. The notion of being a loser is something that he couldn't possibly conceive or believe," Res said. "I don't think he believes that he's a loser quite yet. I think he's so angry that all the plans he set up to make sure to guarantee him a win for one thing, the voter suppression which he had going all over the country with his Republicans and the Post Office, he is in shock he didn't win."

Res said she believed he knew "he was going to win. So now, it's a matter of -- and again, I'm not sure that he's convinced he didn't win, but based on his logic -- it's a matter of resisting this loss, as it were, from the victory of [President-elect Joe] Biden and he'll do anything ... if all else fails, he'll burn down the house ... I think the silence is what concerns me because this is still a person who reels in an extraordinary amount of power, and I think that we have a checkered record when we talk about institutions keeping Donald Trump in check, quite frankly."

Watch the video below.