If the GOP thinks Trump is ushering in a crisis — why did they support him for the last year?: Bulwark editor
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Veteran newsman Carl Bernstein revealed that there are 21 Republicans too scared to reveal they think President Donald Trump should have reached the end of his options to fight the 2020 election. Still, most of them aren't speaking out publicly and they spent the past year enabling Trump, knowing full well that this is who he is.

Writing for the Bulwark on Monday, Jonathan V. Last cited editors of the National Review who are calling Trump's behavior “disgraceful” and “the most outlandish and irresponsible performance ever by a group of lawyers representing a president of the United States.”

"It’s also important for Republican senators to speak out against this effort and make it clear that they won’t stand for it when it comes time for Congress to consider electors. Finally, it’d be best of all if the president reconsidered going down this route," the conservative outlet wrote. "He’s turning a narrow election defeat into a bid for infamy."

And yet, they seem to be unwilling to take the next logical step, wrote Last.

"Because if President Trump is committing a national embarrassment, making a bid for infamy, precipitating a constitutional crisis, then why did these people spend the last year stumping for Donald Trump and making the case for his reelection?" he asked. "Aren’t Trump’s latest actions—which he promised he would take well before the election—proof of his unfitness for office? Doesn’t Trump’s don’t-call-it-a-coup attempt that these people are now upset about prove that they were wrong to support him?"

He said all he wants is one Trump defender to stand up and confess he or she "was wrong" and admit that Trump "is dangerous in ways I didn't fully understand."

Some of it is for self-satisfaction, Last confessed, but the truth is that Republican politics has become dominated by officials pretending to play a role in some kind of fake movie.

Last explained that the fake world is how Fox Business News came up with false stories by host Stuart Varney like this:

Fox knew it wasn't the reality, but they didn't care because it's the reality they're creating to keep their viewers glued to their screens. He specifically cited Peggy Noonan, who bragged just a few weeks ago about writing in Edmund Burke for president. Now she has decided Trump is "deeply destructive" and must be stopped.

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