'I'm in tears': Americans grateful after watching Biden deliver more presidential speech than Trump
President-elect Joe Biden (Photo: Screen capture)

President-elect Joe Biden addressed the nation about the Thanksgiving holiday, encouraging Americans to keep wearing their masks and stay away from people outside of your bubble because there is a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel of terror.

There are reports of vaccines possibly being available to healthcare and nursing home workers by the end of the year, which could help with over-crowding in hospitals.

Biden spoke about his family's large Thanksgivings and how hard it will be for him this holiday season without the crowd of Bidens. But he, like many Americans, are doing the right thing, he said, not just for his family but for every other family in the community.

You can see the comments below from people overwhelmed with gratitude that Biden is already bringing empathy back to the Office of the President: