'Integrity still matters': Georgia's GOP election chief says he'll do his job — even if Trump doesn't like it
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (Facebook)

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger — under fire from his fellow Republicans as the state count continues to favor Joe Biden — said that he intends to continue doing his job, no matter what President Donald Trump and his allies have to say about it.

"Obviously, this is a very close race and people that were on one side of the aisle don't like the results and I get that, I'm a Republican," said Raffensperger. "We are doing a risk-limiting audit which will include a hand count of every single paper ballot we have and those results. Obviously, we will have plenty of observers and have the results done and then we will certify the state election ... if we don't have transparency, we wouldn't restore trust with all of our voters, so it will be a transparent open process to make sure that we can rebuild any confidence that some voters might have in the system."

"Earlier today, President Trump, on Twitter, took direct aim at a Philadelphia election official — another Republican, not a Democrat, another Republican — for confirming, simply confirming in an interview on CNN, he has not seen any evidence of widespread fraud," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "Are you worried, Mr. Secretary, you could be next if you say something that the president doesn't like, he doesn't like the fact that the people of Georgia have spoken and he is losing right now by more than 14,000 votes?"

"I have my job to do and I'll follow it faithfully," replied Raffensperger. "I think that integrity still matters."

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