‘It's nothing but these folks?’ MSNBC pundits stunned by Trump’s dwindling legal team

Speaking on MSNBC this Tuesday, NBC News reporter Monica Alba commenting on the increasingly "fizzling" lawsuits from the Trump campaign challenging state 2020 election results, saying that "it's an absolute barebones team at this point" in the wake of multiple lawyers abandoning the campaign's effort.

MSNBC host Chuck Todd asked about the makeup of Trump's dwindling legal team, who he said seems to now be made up entirely of the "conspiracy theorists" and "nobody serious."

"It's nothing but these folks?" Todd asked.

"That's essentially because the Trump campaign has folded at this point," she said, adding that the margin in certain states like Wisconsin "is wide enough that there's unlikely anything that would really change the outcome -- recount, audit, what have you."

Watch the video below: