‘It’s murderous’: CNN panel lambasts Trump’s new doctor on ‘herd immunity’ as ‘a recipe for disaster’
CNN (screen grab)

Professor William A. Haseltine has known Dr. Anthony Fauci for 35 years and told CNN's Erin Burnett Sunday that the inadequacy occurring in the White House's  coronavirus response team is "not only murderous, people die."

"For the last 35 years we've worked together. I know of no person less political than Tony Fauci," Haseltine said. "He's a servant of the American people. He was dedicated to six presidents, including the highest award ever given to an American, the American Medal of Freedom he has received. He's an American patriot. More than that, he would never deviate from the science."

Regarding President Donald J. Trump's newest pick to lead the response team, Scott Atlas, Haseltine said, "In America, hundreds of thousands of Americans might die because of this advice, just like in South Africa they died because Mbeki decided to pick somebody who was way out of the mainstream and believed HIV didn't cause the disease [AIDS]. Believing masks don't work, social distancing won't work, promoting the idea of herd immunity is a recipe for real disaster. That's what we're looking at if this continues."

Watch the video below.