Joe Biden upset finally decided in Arizona -- Democrats score 11 more Electoral Votes
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaking on the phone (Facebook)

The Associated Press, Fox News and Decision Desk HQ are officially projecting the Democratic Party ticket has carried the once deep-red state of Arizona.

The Arizona Republic also shows Biden as the projected winner with 99 percent of ballots in.

The AP and Fox called the state on Election Night, much to the chagrin of President Donald Trump. Decision Desk HQ has been more conservative in their calls. After a large release of data from Maricopa County, Biden is now up by more than 11,000 and there's no pathway to victory left for Trump.

In 2016, Trump won the state's 11 Electoral College votes by 3.5 percent points.

Bill Clinton and Harry Truman are the only Democrats to carry the state since the end of World War II.

The Associated Press called the race on Wednesday.

The state was also called by Fox News, which reportedly angered Trump.