Kayleigh McEnany forgets about her own deputies when whining Trump has all female-press team like Biden
Kayleigh McEnany- Fox New screenshot

President Donald Trump's press secretary Kayleigh McEnany took to Twitter on Sunday evening to whine about coverage of President-elect Joe Biden's incoming communications team being all-female. The headline of the Washington Post report said an all-female "press team," but the reality is that the whole communications team will be run by women.

Biden, like most incoming presidents, is announcing staff and appointees almost daily. Typically, such announcements are uneventful and only news to the Washington Beltway establishment and advocacy groups.

Biden's communications team will be the first president-elect in history to name an all-female team on his administration's first day. Still, it infuriated McEnany, who said that Trump's current press team is all-female. That will be news Brian R. Morgenstern, who serves as the "Deputy Comms Director & Deputy Press Secretary," according to his official White House Twitter account.

Judd Deere also serves as a deputy press secretary as well as a special assistant to the president. Jalen Drummond serves as an Assistant Press Secretary according to his White House Twitter account. Charles P. Gilmartin also serves as an assistant press secretary and special assistant to the president. Harrison W. Fields is listed as an assistant press secretary.

Devin O'Malley is a man who works as Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary. Second Lady Karen Pence doesn't have her own press team, media for her goes through the vice president's office where Mr. O'Malley runs everything.