Kayleigh McEnany on Fox Business: 'I think the president will attend his own inauguration' in January
Kayleigh McEnany appears on Fox News (screen grab)

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Fox Business Friday to chat with host Stuart Varney about the presidential inauguration on Jan. 20.

“I think the president [Donald Trump] will attend his own inauguration," she said, appearing in her capacity as a Trump campaign adviser. "He would have to be there, in fact."

Trump and his loyalists have still not conceded the election to President-elect Joe Biden, now going on almost one week since the results were determined. Their blatant disregard of reality is growing increasingly concerning for onlookers, including CNN White House correspondent John Harwood.

“He’s throwing up these bogus lawsuits which aren’t going anywhere, which are getting tossed out of court as fast as he files them to try to string this out,” he said. “He’s fundraising for his political action committee as well as his legal fund, and he’s trying to create… a sense of grievance going forward so he will have something to rally his supporters around," Harwood said Friday morning.

Watch the video below.