'Kraken' attorney has message for Trump fans: Make checks payable to Sidney Powell
Sidney Powell appears on Fox Business (Screen cap).

Today we learned why mobster Don Donald Trump wanted the wildest of his wild-eyed attorneys ejected unceremoniously from his so-called legal team: She was trying to cut into his action.

Yes, TV attorney Sidney Powell can grift with the best of them.

Now that Powell has “unleashed the Kraken” with the help of a copy editor who was smoking the Kraken, it’s time to resolve one of the burning questions of the QAnon universe: “How can we ever show our appreciation to Sidney Powell?”

It turns out you can send her a check as part of a ruse so shameless that Powell isn’t bothering to have your payment made out to the 501 C-4 political “organization” she formed. Just pay the woman directly.

You can goose step your way to www.sidneypowell.com and press the “Donate Now” button to support the “Legal Defense Fund for the American Republic.” First thing you’ll see is a nice photo of Sidney Powell captioned “KRAKEN RELEASER.” Scroll down and you’ll see some small links to the lawsuits followed by a much larger “DONATE BELOW” button.

That’s where you get chumped, as they say in the world of scams.

Look no further than https://defendingtherepublic.org. Would you like to “support our mission and the welfare of the American Republic?”

Just write out your check to “Sidney Powell, PC.” She’s not even bothering to have her pigeons use the name of her “organization.”

As the UK’s DailyMail.com reported, Powell’s “Legal Defense Fund” website was apparently set up November 11, a day after she appeared on Lou Dobbs show on Fox. The DailyMail.com had this to say: “Powell, whose outlandish theory earned a rebuke from the President, has founded a legal defense fund under the Internal Revenue Service category 501(c)(4). The IRS says that 501(c)(4) should normally apply to social welfare organizations and community groups like homeowners associations. It can be used for lobbying activities, but the deductions are not tax deductible like those for nonprofits.

“The website for The Legal Defense fund says that "millions of dollars must be raised to defend the Republic as these lawsuits continue to be filed to ensure victory" for Trump, even though he has now essentially admitted defeat to Joe Biden by allowing the transition to go ahead.”

The good news is that Powell’s lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan presumably will wind up shortly on the trash heap of legal history. Not that the judges of the U.S. “Districct Court Northern Distrcoict” aren’t going to give her case the seriousness it deserves.

The Daily Mail summed up the case pretty well in its headline today: “Fired Trump lawyer Sidney Powell claims Iran and China used Venezuelan voting machine software to rig election in favor of Biden and says 96,000 absentee ballots in Georgia were NOT recorded - in typo-ridden lawsuits with flimsy expert evidence.”

Powell promised the faithful she’d be “releasing the kraken” which we all then learned is some sort of legendary sea monster. That had to sound perfect to the Trump base, which surely will be happy to make do with the couple of little sea urchins that Powell actually unleashed.

Everyone gets what they want: Trump world can talk for years about how the stealing of the 2020 election from Dear Leader was all laid out in 104 pages of judicial scholarship that the Deep State judges were paid off not to consider. As for Powell, she is guaranteed a life of permanent stardom in the right-wing stratosphere.

Sidney Powell may have released the Kraken. But apparently, she gets to hold onto the cash.